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Subject: Invitation to a New Exhibition at the Boehm TradeCenter

Miles Collyer TrackTop Masks
Feb. 22nd 2006 to April. 10th 2006 http://www.frau-boehm.de/handelszentrum/gaeste.html

Since 1999 Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber are publishing the photography project Frau Boehm. Since June 2005 a complemental space (The Boehm TradeCenter) is developed in the web. Works of other artists using (mostly) photography are shown here in a guestroom.?The current exhibition in the guestroom shows the series TrackTop Masks by Miles Collyer from Toronto.

Miles Collyer does also take part at the Boehm-Weblog: blog.frau-boehm.de This is a blog Katja Stuke and Olvier Sieber started together with Hisako Nakagawa.?They invited photographers, artists, friends to take part at this blog and to post pictures to the blog. "Not at random, rather one which is connected to the previous picture by way of an answer, an opposite, a challenge, a formal context or a similar topic etc.?

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