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CHLOE CHARLES (Toronto / Canada)
folk, soul and classical with hints of various ethnic inspirations


Poised and charismatic, Chloe Charles breaks black female vocalist
stereotypes right away as she arrives on stage with her classical guitar,
accompanied by violin, double bass, or other unexpected twists and turns of
her musical imagination.
A singer-songwriter, drawing from many genres - Folk, Soul and Classical
with hints of various ethnic inspirations - Chloe has been likened to a
rougher Cat Power, Esthero but sweeter, Portishead unplugged, a depressed
Nick Drake and the sensuality of Smoke City. Older listeners sometimes
mention subtle resonances of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Cars", Janis Ian's "At
Seventeen², Joan Armatrading¹s ³Love and Affection², even early Joni
Chloe's music is sweet and painful, melancholic, inspiring and sincere. As
she opens herself to her listeners, Chloe tells a story of a sensitive,
fragile, haunted soul always searching for understanding and her place in
this strange world. This translates into an eerie, enchanting, engaging and
frequently visceral sound experience. Vibrating with the turmoil of drawing
together while simultaneously being torn between several disparate worlds,
Chloe's lyrics offer endless possibilities for her listeners to relate to
her pain, while her voice massages, gently tickles, or seizes them with her
strength and capacity to emote.
Born in 1985 in Toronto, to a Canadian mother and Trinidadian father, Chloe
was influenced strongly by her childhood as a mixed-race person in a unique
rural environment where she learned to value natureŒs modest pleasures,
foster her creativity and discover her inspirations. Chloe studied classical
guitar and piano at York University as well as an inspiring performance
course at the University of Toronto with concert pianist Boyana Toyich.

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Samstag, 26. Mai, 20 Uhr

PILOT TO BOMBARDIER (St. Johns, Newfoundland / Canada)
sunday morning folk


With an alt-country feel and a penchant for haunting harmonies Pilot to
Bombardier (aka Bryan Power) writes and performs songs that are both ³suave
and sophisticated.² (Salty Ink) His songs speak to the heart of the
listener. With insightful musical observations on love and loss,
explorations into our sense of place and our understanding of self, he is
armed with music to captivate his audience.
Finalist for CBC Radio 3¹s Playlist for the Planet, a finalist for the
Atlantis Prize, and airplay on CBC Radio 1, 2 and 3.

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