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Sparwasser HQ recommends

Norwich School of Art and Design
St George Street Norwich NR3 1BB
tel +44 (0) 1603 756247

50 videos selected by international artist-run spaces and collectives
Organised by Sparwasser HQ

Opening in Norwich Gallery
Wednesday 14 January 5.30 to 7.30

2.00 Duke Sreet Lecture Theatre
Talk David Beech floating ip Manchester
15 January to 14 February 2004
Open to the public admission free
Monday to Saturday 10.00 to 5.00

50 artist led spaces across the world were asked to choose
the best art video they could think of, and get hold of. There
was no topic or other issue to relate to when selecting the
video, except that it was selected by the space or collective.
The video format was Pal and NTSC. The videos are no longer
than 30 min. Each space was asked to send a short description
of the video for documentation together with a short
description of the collective and the activities of the space.

The whole exhibition was organised in just over two month
through e mail, www and courier services. Apart from being
an international video screening, which focuses on artists
curating, Old Habits Die Hard researches and maps artist
collectives and networks and the communication between
them, raising issues about self-organisation and
selfrepresentation. Old Habits Die Hard talks about, how other
and alternative economies and values evolve and establish

The videos received are installed according to the character
of the work. There is a wall projection and three monitors
installed in Norwich Gallery. Once a day a video compilation
will be screened. The exhibition will change from day to day.
On the monitors the audience will be able to choose what
they want to see. This dispatch is the guide to what is available.

16 Beaver Avi Mograbi
bordercartograph Art Orienté objet
Enjoy Amy Howden-Chapman & James Findlater
Blue Oyster Teresa Andrew
Cuckoo Tessa Laird
AIT Arts Initiative Tokyo Meiro Koizumi
CAPRI Vassiliea Stylianidou
FAMEFAME Daniel Borins
floating ip Tim Etchells & Hugo Glendinning
AV-ARKKI Hanna Hasslahti
Cubitt Klaus Weber
Fournos Nikos Giavropoulos
G.U.N, Galleri Uten Navn Henriette Pedersen
Mercer Union Kika Thorne
Galleri Hlemmur Markmid
Instant Coffee Kevin Schmidt
Message Salon Selina Trepp
Generator Rebecca Milling
Glowlab Lee Walton
Kings Robin Hely
Norwich Gallery Francis Lamb
le forum itnérant Georges Cazenove
O2 Finnur Arnar
offspace Gernot Wieland
P74 Saso Vrabic
PAS Jesper Alvaer
Planet 22 Horten
Platform Marcus Lerviks
RAIN Rachel Mayeri
Program Angels / lothringer13 Monochrom
>projektgruppe Raid Projects Tim Braden
Signal Natalie Djurberg
rum46 Morten Larsen
s-m-p Tere Recarens
S1 Artspace TC McCormack
Sparwasser HQ Deborah Ligorio
Sauna Cecilia Lundqvist
The Danger Museum Ann Elise Pettersen and Anne Berit Nedland
The Deste Foundation Morgan Showalter
Switchspace Craig Mulholland
The Western Front Nicole + Ryan
Transmission Duncan Campbell
The Dirt Palace Xander Marro
United Net-Works Ola Pehrson
West Space Dominic Redfern
Unwetter Ingrid Molnar
VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo Masayuki Kawai
Videotage Ellen Pau



Sparwasser HQ 30 September to 29 November 2003
Norwich Gallery 15 January to 14 February 2004
Kunstnernes Hus Olso Norway 6 February to 12 March 2004

Berlin North. Contemporary Artists from the Nordic Countries in
Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin 30 January to 12 April 2004
Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center Istanbul Turkey March to April

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