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New Pogogallery 2003 !!!! http://www.pogogallery.com

+ WHAT IS POGOGALLERY ? + Each edition of Pogogallery offers it's information to
be re-sampled, re-worked and submitted for inclusion within its shows. The online
show ‘Holding Tanks & Ele©t®oniK ©onso®tia’ places every individual piece of data
contained within an edition into two downloadable folders. At the start of a new
edition, artworks constructed from information contained within the previous
folders are showcased. As the number of editions increases so do the size of these
folders, which include artists discussions from the forum, interviews, essays,
source code, images and all text. ** Shows will be exhibited online and selected
editions will showcase in actual physical locations.
+ CONTENTS + - Submissons for Holding Tanks & Ele©t®oniK ©onso®tia - new online
show - Come and join in with our discussions, no need to register, post
anonymously if you like in the Discussion Forum. - Whats On, Comprehensive
listings of events, happenings, opportunities and gallery websites. Post your own
listings here as well.
+ POGO Features + + Interview with Scanner: His controversial early work used s

canned mobile phone conversations which he wove into soundscapes. Scanner aka
Robin Rimbaud talks to Pogogallery. + Marc Garrett's Sleazy Art Meetings:
Playful narratives constructed from sexual texts, theoretical ideas on art and
philosophy, net culture and institutional concepts. + Pogogallery Critical Essay:
18. Oktober 1977: Gerhard Richter's Work of Mourning and Its New Audience, an
award winning essay by Rainer Usselmann. + Harrison & Ford House Gymnastics: You
did it when you were a kid, climbing around the house like spiderman, James Robert
Ford and Spencer Harrison have taken this performance into an artform. +
Pogogallery Animation: Pogogallery's resident animator Jon Burgerman with his
colourful, sometimes cute, occasionally scratchy and intermittently odd artwork.

Take care Regards Pogogallery

Pogogallery is hand made from the dirty depths of North London.

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