Von Karin Hinterleitner am 29. April 2004 um 10:13

To all friends and supporters of urban drift

Deutschlandscape – Epicentres at the Periphery

From September 12 to November 7 the Biennale in Venice invites you to
the 9th International Architecture Exhibition. As commissioner, Francesca
in cooperation with urban drift, will curate the exhibition at the
German Pavilion. In her contribution "Deutschlandscape" she thematises
the transformation of (sub-)urban landscapes and areas on the urban
fringe through architectural interventions. These epicentres at the
periphery represent architectural flashpoints. They reveal that it is
possible to generate paradigmatic shifts by administering architecture
in homeopathic doses in areas seemingly impervious to change. They show
how the urban margins have become significant fields of architectural

On April 28 the concept of the German contribution was presented at
the opening-press conference. Simultaneously the website
http://www.deutschlandschaft.de was launched.

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