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Artnews Projects

an interactive curatorial project

18 May - 23 June 2007
Opening: 18 May 2007, Friday, 7-10 pm
Hours: Tue-Sat, 12-6 pm, and by appointment

curated by Joe Amrhein and Leif Magne Tangen

Bobby Neel Adams, Thierry Agnone, Jonathan Allen,
Meredith Allen, Karen Arm, Fides Becker, John Beech, Louise Belcourt,
Nadja Bournonville, Nina Bovasso, Tom Burckhardt, Bruce Busby, Marina
Cappelletto, Dawn Cements, Amy Chan, Brian Conley, Daniel Davidson,
Steven Day, Matthew Deleget, Linda Dennis, Katrin Dieckman, Joshua
Dorman, James Esber, Donelle Estey, Lee Etheridge IV, Brian Fay, Jane
Fine, Tony Fitzpatrick, Dan Ford, Peter Freitag, Angus Galloway, Jim
Gaylord, Andreas Gehrke, Sonja Georgsdottir, John Giglio, Judy
Glantzmann, Rupert Goldsworthy, Danny Goodwin, Barbara Grad, Stacy
Greene, Sally Gutierrez, Chris Hammerlein, Jonathan Herder, Miriam
Hitchcock, Karla Hoepfner, Mayumi Ishino, Oxana Jad, Chris Johanson,
Erick Johnson, Darina Karpov, Karla Knight, David Kramer, William
Lamson, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, Monia Lippi, Harmon Tyko
Lewis, Ati Maier, Karen Margolis, Andrea Moreau, Lars Morell, Ryan
Mrozowski, Margaret Murphy, Marit Neeb, John O'Connor, Gene Oldfield,
Joyce Pensato, Ann Pibal, Jirka Pfahl, Reto Pulfer, Myriam Resch,
Brent Riey, Ruth Root, Jessica Deane Rosner, Susanne Ruccius, Juul
Sadee, Stefan Saffer, Karin Sander, Katia Santibanez, Richard
Silberman, Michael Schall, David Scher, Henry Leo Schoebel, Ward
Shelley, Jil Shoffiett, Simone Shubuck, Francesco Simeti, Hildegard
Skowasch, Peter Starksewez, Tavares Strachan, Lynn Talbot, Tag Team,
Jim Torok, Eve K. Tremblay, Carlos Velam, Rachel Verporten, Sarah
Walker, Martin Wilner, Roxanne Wolanczyk and Thomas Zummer.

Artnews Projects
Brunnenstr. 190, D-10119 Berlin

Artnews Projects is happy to present in Berlin the interactive
curatorial project 'Pierogi Flatfiling'.

In addition to a regular schedule of solo exhibitions of work by
emerging and mid-career artists in the Brooklyn and Leipzig galleries,
Pierogi has developed the renowned and peripatetic Flat Files which
house portfolios of original artworks.The flatfiles represents a wide
cross section of contemporary artists working primarily in the US and
Europe. The artwork in the files is constantly updated by reviewing
submitted work and by invitation.

These artists' files were chosen primarily from the existing files in
Brooklyn and Leipzig. A number of additional artists will be curated
into the show from Berlin and elsewhere before and throughout this
exhibition. Altogether there will be about 100 portfolios on view in
the files.

One wall of the gallery will have a salon style hanging of artwork
selected from the portfolios. There will also be a curated selection
of larger works that will complement the artworks in the files. This
project is not just a presentation of established artists, and is not
a 'who's-who' of the art world; it includes emerging, mid-career, and
established artists.

Access and participation, on the part of both artists and viewers, is
the central idea of the Flat Files. One of the goals is to demystify
the art viewing process by allowing people to view a large and
eclectic group of original artworks in portfolios. The viewer becomes
a participant in this interactive curatorial project, in effect
relying on their confidence and discretion.

Artnews Projects is the exhibition space of the internet platform
Artnews.info. It introduces a range of young positions from other
cities and countries, which are invited to present their work in
Berlin. The exhibition program focuses on diverse expermental
practices that are estranged from their usual context and set up in a
new environment.

For further information please visit http://www.pierogi2000.com
or contact Leif Magne Tangen on +49 (0) 179 9868 713 or

Artnews Projects
Brunnenstr. 190
D-10119 Berlin

tel: +49 30 27907810

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