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From: Cimatics <>
Date: 2008/6/23

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C I M A T I C S\ 08AV \F E S T I V A L

The call for submissions is now open!

Cimatics - Brussels International Festival for Live Audiovisual Art &
VJing - invites all artists, creatives and producers to send their
submissions for the next Cimatics festival.

Cimatics\08AV\Festival takes place from 13th - 15th November 2008 at
various locations in the centre of Brussels.

The 6th festival edition will again bring an extensive overview of
what's currently taking place at the crossroads of media, art, music
and technology. Extra attention will be paid to the central theme
'Data Visualization'.

Deadline for submissions: July 31st 2008.

To submit your project go to Call for Submissions

For further information, contact us at

Cimatics vzw is supported by the Flemish government

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