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Censor Lyrique :  âE-Mail Performanceâ @ Kolaj Istanbul / Gaîté Lyrique / Paris http://gozel.tumblr.com/CensorLyrique
Dj Total Turbogaz Vj Frozen EurottomanDj Total Turbogaz Vj Frozen Eurottoman was born in Istanbul, one of the post-WW II capitals of mounting industry. Since early childhood, he has been reflecting upon multi-fragmented mounting, collage, and forced-bonding that has come upon him through economic or other means. For some time, he has been elaborating on issues such like layered uniformization, chip brotherhood in a palaverel public space and its friction, false positive points of view and consent, fashions of identity collage and multicultural bridges that run parallel to petrol and gas pipe-lines. Resisting the environment he has been brought up in with defective production, Dj Total Turbogaz Vj Frozen Eurottoman is following the footsteps of his predecessors, producing performances with dj sets tapping  pipe-lines and blowing up renewable multicultural bridges, and vj sets mounting images on these
issues.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcjZflDUVREhttp://gozel.tumblr.com/post/9956075656/dj-total-turbogaz-vj-frozen-eurottoman-censor......................................................Censor Lyrique :  âE-Mail Performanceâ @ Kolaj Istanbul / Gaîté Lyrique / Paris     http://gozel.tumblr.com/CensorLyriqueThis e-mail performance is about what is included into the âexperimentalâ and âcriticalâ collage of Istanbul and how, and how indeed a genteel censorship works in this collage. The story is usual: that of an intellectual selling, this time, the event-organization version, upgraded with a âstakeholderâ jargon. It is made as if this is not a âdialogueâ a-là-classical commercial market-a-city festival, and this event is not a zoo where the artists are not put in display, but as if it all takes place in a âcriticalâ and âexperimentalâ palaverel universe. To this effect, at first, information is withheld, as much as
possible, about the cliché contents of the event. Instead, the invited artists are persistently asked about the technical requirements, as though everything else is already agreed upon. To those who inquire the perspective of the event, rather than the technical requirements, a couple of âcritical,â âexperimental,â âoppositionalâ words are put down in the e-mails, and in English. Those very couple of words, somehow, are not the ones that are in the belated event text published at the web site. You may buy that, if you want to⦠What is sought for are the âstakeholdersâ who would buy all this without asking any questions. In the meantime, if the invited âstakeholderâ candidate is to make a performance (Dj Total Turbogaz Vj Frozen Eurottoman) other than the one stigmatized to be the âusualâ project (2/5 BZ), his questions regarding the perspective of the event are waved off until he coughs up what his performance would be all
about. If he still insists to ask such like questions, he is taken to be a mental case. In the end, if the invited artistâs words and work is not âcriticalâ and âexperimentalâ in an âadaptableâ dose, collage-wise, his project is censored âput more gently, âthe line-up is taken to another directionâ. As if the event can truly depart from the âstakeholderâ mentality, and as if any claimed-to-be-critical direction is possible for such like an event
FOR THE DETAILS AND COMMUNICATION, CLICK HERE ;http://gozel.tumblr.com/CensorLyrique

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