Von Die Institution am 05. Juli 2013 um 11:16

be all invited to:

Performing Institutions #2

The public workshop series 'Performing Institutions' taking place during the durational performance 'Die Institution' presents artistic and non-artistic strategies of transgressing existing institutions, sustaining their implementation process or inventing other models of ‘institutionalisation’ and ‘commonisation’.

In the frame of Performing Institutions#2 curators, artists and scholars discuss relationships between art, institution and community.
With: Bojan Djordjev, Iris Dressler, André Eiermann, Sinisa Ilic, Suresh Kumar, Marcell Mars, moderated by Jan-Philipp Possmann, initiated by Herbordt/Mohren.
(in english)

today from 5-7 pm
Projektraum der Akademie Schloss Solitude
Römerstraße 2
70178 Stuttgart-Süd


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