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francis hunger spring 2006

1. Documentation: Sputnik Song (2006) online

2. Currently: Ravensbrueck (1999) at Kunsthaus Dresden in the frame
of the exhibition The absence of the camp, March 10 - May 7, 2006

3. Upcoming: solo exhibition to change a running system at Galerie
Hobbyshop Munich, April 2006

1. Documentation: Sputnik Song (2006) online
The new work Sputnik Song, a techno-influenced pop song and a pencil
drawing (200 x 70) was first presented at the Annual Public Exhibition
of Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in February 2006. The work reflects
on the technological developments that followed the massive military
and civil scientific subvention program, which was set up in the US
after the so called Sputnik Shock in the 1970s.

Online Documentation at http://www.irmielin.org">http://www.irmielin.org

2. Currently: "Ravensbrueck" (1999) at Kunsthaus Dresden in the
frame of: The absence of the camp.

The internet project ravensbrueck (1999) which is running at
http://ravensbrueck.irmielin.org">http://ravensbrueck.irmielin.org is currently shown at Kunsthaus
Dresden in the exhibition The absence of the camp. Reflections on the
topicality of commemorating in contemporary art. The show, curated by
Christina Beifuss, Katrin Krahl, Maja Linke, Christiane Mennicke
(Kunsthaus Dresden) and Silke Wagler (Kunstfonds/Staatliche
Kunstsammlungen Dresden), reflects on the ongoing process of
repression of the Nazi past in Dresden, which gets overlaid by the
self-victimization of the Dresden citizens as victims of the so called
"bomber-terror" in February 1945.

Kunsthaus Dresden

3. Upcoming: solo exhibition to change a running system at Galerie
Hobbyshop Munich, opening April 5, 2006

The show at Galerie Hobbyshop Munich features three works: Krystalia
(2003), Semiology of Cyberspace: The concept (2004/2006), and Sputnik
Song (2006). Roughly said, all works deal with questioning differnent
systems. Krystalia - the system of gender differences on the example
of a hacker group, Semiology of Cyberspace - the three-dimensional
construction of space and cyberspace, and Sputnik Song - the
interaction between the communist Soviet Union and the capitalist
United States as counterparts in technological developments during the
Cold War period.

Galerie Hobbyshop

Sputnik Song (2006) Installation view

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