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EU- sponsored course on Lanzarote EU-geförderten Kurs auf Lanzarote / >>

Dear collegues, friends and artenthusiasts

from this day on it is only 4 weeks time to apply for our EU- sponsored
course on Lanzarote and we do only have few places left.

Deadline for the application is 15th january 2009

The course will be sponsored by the EU and therefore it will not cost almost
nothing for the participants. We would be glad about your interest and we
also help with the application if needed.

Michael von Erlenbach
(art aspects kunstverein e.V

Invitation to our course on the island of Lanzarote
Comenius/GRUNDTVIG Database Reference No: DE-2009-843-003

“The Foreign and Me - The Aesthetic of Travel” A project in cooperation with
the European Educational Program for Life-long Learning (PLL)

In which way do you perceive the Strange? Is it challenging you? Does it
require tolerance? What is the difference between something “strange” and
something “familiar“? Are there aspects of Europeanization, that confound
you? What is your strategy in dealing with inner conflicts emanating from
the confrontation with the “Other”?

Living in the age of globalization and migration, we are permanently being
confronted with new and strange situations and qualities. The one-week
seminar that will take place on Lanzarote in June 2009, offers you the
possibility of an artistic examination of the issue under the special
direction of the Berlin-based artist Karin Rosenberg
(cf. http://www.karinrosenberg.de)

Any Information and course-description you’ll find here:

art aspects kunstverein e.V.

Nostitzstr. 40
D - 10961 Berlin
T + 49 (0)30-23888395
F + 49 (0)30-23888394


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