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it is with great pleasure, that we can pass the information on the
publication of our collective work:

Edited by Oliver GRAU with Thomas VEIGL
Cambridge/Mass., MIT Press, 2011
7 x 9 • 424 pp. • 132 figures

Scholars from science, art and humanities explore the meaning of our
new image worlds and offer new strategies for visual analysis. With
contributions by Marie-Luise ANGERER, Olaf BREIDBACH, Adrian David
CHEOK, Wendy CHUN, Sean CUBITT, James ELKINS, Oliver GRAU, Stefan
& Jeremy DOUGLASS, Tim Otto ROTH & Andreas DEUTSCH, Martin SCHULZ,
Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU, David & Dolores STEINMAN,
Thomas VEIGL, Martin WARNKE and Peter WEIBEL.

We are surrounded by images more than ever: Flickr, Facebook, YouTube;
thousands of television channels; digital games and virtual worlds, in
media art and science, in politics, communication and knowledge
representation. The digital image represents endless options for
manipulation; images seem capable of changing interactively or even
autonomously. Without new efforts to visualize complex ideas,
structures, and systems, today's knowledge explosion would be
unmanageable. This volume offers systematic and interdisciplinary
reflections on these new image worlds and new analytical approaches to
the visual.

Imagery in the 21st Century examines this revolution in various fields
with researchers from the natural sciences and the humanities to achieve
a deeper understanding of the meaning and impact of the image in our

The contributors explore and discuss new critical terms of
multidisciplinary scope, from database economy to the dramaturgy of
hypermedia, from visualisations in neurosciences to the image in bio
art. They consider the power of the image in the development of human
consciousness, pursue new definitions of visual phenomena, and examine
new tools for image research and visual analysis. The goal is to expand
visual competence in investigating new visual worlds and to build
cross-disciplinary exchanges among the arts, humanities and natural

MORE INFO: http://www.mediaarthistory.org/pub/Imagery21Century.html
MIT Press:

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