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Herzliche Einladung zu unserem April-Special!
Directors Lounge presents:
º*¨¨*º dagie brundert - summer in the polyverse º*¨¨*º

Thursday, 23 April 2009
21:00 Uhr

Friedrichstraße 112 b
Bitte beachten: Raumänderung innerhalb der Hauses!!!!
Eingang in der Toreinfahrt neben der Galerie Scala!!!!
10117 Berlin

Personal show by filmmaker Dagie Brundert,
experimental film and video,
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr;
with later songs of singer-songwriter
Jo Knox

Summer in the polyverse
Super-8 films by Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert is presenting herself in bright,
cheerful and philosophical ways, with a touch of
irony that never feels bitter. "I am a hippie"
she tells, and indeed, her films remind of the
free spirited attitude of the Beatniks, who
blended Buddha, Anarchism and an adolescent reach
for freedom with the contemplation of everyday
life. What is important? Nothing but the small
things found or happening. With her filmmaker's
perspective and the micro-stories she is creating
within, they become related to Everything and
All, the "universe". And as every super-8 film of
her becomes a sunny univers, the evening will
give us a glimpse of the summer in polyverse.
(Klaus W. Eisenlohr,

After the screening:
Jo Knox (Berlin), who contributed her song
"Meshell" to Dagie's brand new film "704" about
the Los Angeles bus no. 704, will unpack her
guitar, play, and sing.






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