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Dear all,

I am very proud to announce the first talk session of The Subtopic
which will take place on 30th Jan 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

The Subtopic "Get some clues through their language"
-Off-transmediale.09, Behind The Serious Face-

Guests : Kazuhiro Jo(JP/UK), Raffael Dörig(CH), Thomas Dumke(DE)
Date : 15:00 - 18:00, FRI 30th Jan 2009
Place : Loophole, Boddinstr.60, Neukölln 12053 Berlin, Germany
30sec walk from U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Entrance : Donation
Contact : http://subtopic.isddsk.com/

For the first session of The Subtopic I invited some interesting
guests to talk about their activities: Kazuhiro Jo, a Japanese artist/
researcher living in Newcastle, UK, is a Visiting Research Fellow at
Digital Media, Culture Lab at Newcastle University. His main interests
are in the area of Sound Art, Auditory Interaction Design and
Inaudible Computing. He will present his research and show us a
demonstration of his work. Raffael Dörig is a swiss curator working at
plug.in, Basel, Switzerland - a space for electronic art. He is also a
co-organiser and co-curator of Shift electronic arts Festival in
Basel, Switzerland. Raffael will be here to speak about his artistic
and curatorial projects. Last but not least Thomas Dumke, the director
of CYNETart Festival, Dresden, Germany will present the festival in
detail, as well as give an insight into his personal intentions of
running the festival.
My guests are all holding very important positions, despite their
young age. Therefore, my biggest interest lies of course in their
future and I believe that listening to what they are interested in,
might be strongly connected to the future of the art and technology
scene. Also I am expecting to hear some off-topics about their
activities, private backgrounds as well as a look behind their serious
side. The talk will be presentation based but I would like it to be an
informal and very relaxed discussion round.

Guests' Biographies and Summary of presentation

Kazuhiro Jo (JP/UK *1977)
Kazuhiro Jo was born in Japan in 1977. He is currently working as a
Visiting Research Fellow at Digital Media, Culture Lab, Newcastle
University. He is also a member of The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA <http://swo.jp/
>, Monalisa <http://monalisa-
au.org/plog/ >, AEO, and a co-organizer
of dorkbot Tokyo <http://dorkbot.org/dorkbottokyo/ >.
Summary of presentation:
Kazuhiro Jo will talk about his current project "Inaudible Computing".
Inaudible computing is an extension of physical computing using audio
signals. He presents examples of his implementations with some art
works and mobile applications.

Raffael Dörig (CH *1976)
Born in 1976, studied Art History, Media Studies and German
Studies. Curator at Plugin, a space for electronic art, as well as co-
organiser and -curator of Shift electronic arts Festival in Basel,
Summary of presentation:
Raffael Dörig will talk about Plugin, an exhibition and event space
specialized in electronic arts, founded in 2000, and show some
examples of his curatorial work there. He will also present the Shift
electronic arts festival he co-founded in 2006. Shift includes an
exhibition, conferences, concerts, DJ shows, video screenings and
workshops. The programs are made by a team of curators and guest
curators based on a general festival topic.
http://www.iplugin.org/ http://www.shiftfestival.ch/

Thomas Dumke (DE *1977)
Born in 1977. Studied history, sociology & communication sciences
at TU Dresden, postgraduate in culture & management. Since 1999 Thomas
Dumke is part of the international festival for computer based arts
CYNETart in Dresden, in 2000 he initiated together with DS-X.org the
»microscope session«, an event for audio-visual concerts, founding
member of TMA Hellerau in 2001, since 2006 he has been the director of
the CYNETart festival. Father of one daughter.
Summary of presentation:
Thomas Dumke will talk about CYNETart history (12 years, presenting of
some exclusive projects) and his curatorial background.
http://cynetart08.de/ http://ds-x.org/

Moderator's Biography
Daisuke Ishida (JP/DE *1980)
Daisuke Ishida is a Berlin based artist working in the field of
Sound-Art and NewMedia-Art. He started his artistic activities in
2000. He pursues aesthetics and consequences of computer music and
tries out boundaries of contemporary media and technologies.

What is The Subtopic?
The Subtopic is a series of talk sessions with artists,
researchers, curators, activists, journalists and similar - moderated
by Daisuke Ishida.

The Aim
I think it is nice to talk about anything with anybody. Especially
talking to somebody who is very much into a topic, particularly people
who are dealing with art and technology with advanced thoughts based
on their own experience, unique theory, historical relation or their
in depth research. I believe the stories of the participants of the
Subtopic-talks will be very interesting. I would like to understand
their contexts, processes, origins, aims and ideas in detail through
discussion. It is important to me to not only focus on their work, but
as well to get to know their personality.

Why is it called The Subtopic?
The best way to understand my guests is not only to talk about
their work but just to see what they are doing! Possibly the essence
of their activities is beyond understanding or not explainable through
language. Therefore talking (subtopic) about their works (maintopic)
should be seen only as an addition to the process of understanding
them. I am trying to simply get some clues directly from them to gain
further insight into their work.


Daisuke Ishida

Daisuke Ishida


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