Von Ulrich Wegenast am 19. Oktober 2009 um 17:05

Liebe Betacitizens,

im Rahmen des Studiengangs "Zeitbasierte und computergestützte Medien" an
der Freien Kunstakademie Nürtingen gibt der Musiker und Sounddesigner
Michael Fakesch einen Workshop. Es stehen noch vier Plätze für externe
Teilnehmer zur Verfügung.

Kostenpunkt: 60 Euro
Termin: 29.-30. Oktober
Dauer: 10-17 Uhr (mit jeweils einer Stunde Mittagspause)

Anmeldung und weitere Infos:

Ulrich Wegenast: / 0171-1984 250

Voraussetzungen: Umgang mit Computern Voraussetzung. Von Vorteil sind
Erfahrungen mit den einschlägigen Sound- und Schnittprogrammen.

Fakesch gehört zu den interessanten Protagonisten im Bereich elektronischer


2009: The year starts with some more sounddesign jobs...this time for
Vodafone, BMW, Toyota and Philips. Initial recordings for a new album are
done. Michael's monthly clubnight at Cafe King is celebrating its first
anniversary.In June 2009, the Philips ad, Michael did the music and
sounddesign for wins the highest award the advertising branch has to give
away: The Grand Prix of the Cannes Golden Lions Advertising Festival!

2008: Although 2008 brings a few more sounddesigns (for e.g. for Kia,
Channel Five, the shortmovies 'Between' by Viagrafik and 'Peripetics' by
Zeitguised), 2008 is the year of the remixes. After remixing Herbert in 2006
and Booka Shade in 2007, in 2008 Michael does reworks for Notwist,
Hexstatic, Jimmy Edgar (aka Her Bad Habit), Shadowhuntaz, Von Südenfed and
Bomb The Bass...to name just a few.

2007: Michael continues doing music and sounddesigns for TV ads (e.g. MTV,
Napster, Siggraph). Paul Haslinger (ex-Tangerine Dream) invites him to work
with him on the score for the Hollywood movie 'Shoot Em Up'. 'Shoot Em Up'
is not the only movie Michael is working for: He is also working for a
russian sci-fi movie and is re-interpretating the score for the 50-year-old
oscar-winning shortmovie 'Glas'.After one year of work, Michael's first
post-Funkstörung album is finished. It's called Michael Fakesch 'dos' and is
released worldwide on July, the 30th 2007 on K7 Records

2006: Due to several reasons, Chris and Michael decide to quit doing
Funkstörung and concentrate on solocareers. Funkstörung is no more!Michael
does some music for TV ads (e.g. Toyota) and soundtracks for short movies
(e.g. for GettyImages) and is already working on his sophomore solo album. A
new record deal with K7 Records is signed.

2005: In January, Chris De Luca moves to Berlin, Michael stays in their
hometown Rosenheim. Funkstörung celebrate their 10th birthday with the
release of 'The Return To The Acid Planet,' an album containing remixes and
reworks of some of their 10 year old Acid tracks from Acid Planet and Bunker

2004: In March, Funkstörung's second artist album, 'Disconnected,' is
released on K7 Records. A worldwide tour, the first ever with a band,
follows.Together with Mark McPherson, Michael coordinates and art directs
the design book/DVD 'Isolated Triple Media,' which contains music videos and
design ideas for the Funkstörung album 'Disconnected.' Nearly 1000 graphic
designers and over 50 video directors are involved in the project, which is
released on K7 Records and Die Gestalten Verlag. 'Isolated' is a great
success, winning many print design awards (incl. best cover artwork 2004 in
The Guardian) and video design awards (including the MUVI award of
Oberhausen's Short Flm Festival and the Bauhaus' Backup Clip award).

2003: Michael sifts through accumulated demo material for Musik aus Strom
and puts together the label compilation 'MAS_Confusion,' which is released
on K7 Records.

2002: Jay-Jay Johanson hires Funkstörung to co-produce his new album,
'Antenna,' which is released on BMG.

2001: Funkstörung's second remix album, 'Vice Versa,' which includes
remixes for Jean Michel Jarre and Speedy J, is released on K7 Records.
Michael's son Noah is born.

2000: 'Appetite for Disctruction,' Funkstörung's first artist album, is
released on K7 Records. The Designers Republic make an award winning video
for the song 'Grammy Winners'. Funkstörung embark on a big tour through
Europe, USA and Japan.

1999: The first Funkstörung remix compilation, 'Additional Productions' is
released on K7 Records. Michael releases his solo album 'Marion' on Musik
aus Strom.

1998: Funkstörung begin a remix rampage that includes remixes of Wu-Tang
Clan's 'Reunited' and Björk's 'All is Full Of Love.' A record deal with
Berlin based independent label K7 Records is announced.

1997: Two Funkstörung EP's and one exclusive song on 'The Future Sound Of
Jazz' compilation appear on Michael Reinboth's Compost Records; another
5-track EP is released on Chocolate Industries.

1996: Michael and Chris establish Funkstörung (which translates as radio
interference) and the label MAS (actually Musik aus Strom ='Music from
Electricity') which is run by Michael. Michael does 3 solo E.P.'s under the
name Michael Fakesch and gets the first remix Boards Of Canada have ever
done. Together with Andre Estermann he founds the project Aemic, with whom
he does two E.P.'s. Michael initiates Mask Records, a micro-sublabel of MAS
and Skam. The Designers Republic become the (almost) exclusive designers of
Fakesch, Funkstörung and Musik Aus Strom related artwork.

1995: Michael leaves university (studying business administration) before
finishing his master exams.

1994: Michael and Chris get offered their first record deal with 6 releases
on Unit Moebius' Bunker Records and Acid Planet.

1992: Michael organizes several techno parties. He hires Chris De Luca to
DJ, with whom he buys his first pieces of musical equipment (a Roland TR808
and Roland TB303) and starts making music.

1975: Michael Fakesch is born on March, the 8th 1975 in Rosenheim, Bavaria,
South Germany.

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