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From: Beatriz Ramo <>
Date: 2010/3/11
Subject: Ukraine masterclass

Dear colleague,

I am Beatriz Ramo. I have an office of architecture in Rotterdam
called STAR strategies + architecture. (http://www.s-t-a-r.nl)
With Stadslab, a postgraduate program in the Netherlands,
(http://www.stadslab.eu) we are organizing a one-week Masterclass in Ukraine,
in a city called Melitopol.

I write you to kindly ask you to have a look and if you find it
interesting, we will be extremely happy if you can announce it in your
We are aiming to get participants from many countries and we think if
you make a remark or post in your site will help a lot.
It will be from April 11 to April 17. It costs 750€ and this includes
everything (accommodation, train from Kiev to Melitopol, etc). The
participant will have to pay the trip from his country to Kiev.

We will work on strategies to develop the major park of Melitopol and
make out of it the image of the city. We believe that it is an
intelligent strategy for the city. There are thousand of tourist
passing by the city on their way to the Crimean coast.

This is the page with the general information:
I copy below the general information and I attach some pictures in
case you need them to illustrate it if you finally decide to post it.
If so, it will be a good idea to place it soon, in order for the
potential participants, to find a cheaper flight.

Thanks again for your help!

With kind regards,


strategies + architecture
Beatriz Ramo
Delftsestraat 27
3013 AE Rotterdam
The Netherlands

t 0031 (0) 102400171
m 0031 (0) 641083358
m 0034 619247409
w http://www.s-t-a-r.nl

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STADSLAB in Ukraine
http://www.stadslab.eu or through our Stadslab LinkedIn group http://www.linkedin.com

European Urban Design Laboratory, Tilburg (NL)

Professionals Master Class in Ukraine (Spring 2010) ** SPECIAL**

Stadslab is offering a special 1-week spring Master Class in the
Ukrainian city of Melitopol. Topic will be to develop new ideas for
its major city park; the 36ha Gorky Park. Melitopol has the ambition
to develop the park from the perspective of intercultural cities. The
city has over 100 different nationalities. The park should be
attractive to interest business partners and to attract part of the
40.000 tourists per day who now bypass the city on their way to the
Crimean coast.

The Master Class will be supervised by Beatriz Ramo, from the
Rotterdam based office STAR strategies + architecture
(http://www.s-t-a-r.nl), together with the Swiss landscape architect Anouk
Vogel. Both are prize winning designers with a strong international
profile. The program includes a visit to Kiev (can be extended) and
will be developed together with the Kiev based organization 'Democracy
through Culture' and linked to the Intercultural Cities program of the
Council of Europe.

Date: April 11 - 17, 2010 Limited positions available. Please mail us
a CV and portfolio to indicate your interest!

For whom?

Graduates holding a degree in landscape architecture, architecture,
urban design or similar.

How to apply?

Send an e-mail to  with your cv and portfolio for
selection (limited positions available).

Program costs?

750 euro (including train ticket, meals and accommodation; excluding
travel expenses from/to Kiev and optional extension of stay in Kiev).

Stay informed at http://www.stadslab.eu or through our Stadslab LinkedIn
group http://www.linkedin.com

Preliminary program:

·                                 Day 1

Travel to Kiev, Introduction, Meeting with Kyiv Institute for Design
and Landscape Art, Night train to Melitopol.</SPAN< li>

·                                 Day 2

Arrival, Meet with Melitopol delegation, Site visit, Meet with Future
City Games Teams, Lecture Intercultural Cities, Lecture Contemporary
Park Design (by the Stadslab experts).

·                                 Day 3

Site visit (Archeological Site + Sea of Azov), Design Studio 1.

·                                 Day 4

Design Studio 2 (with 2nd site visit), Design Studio 3, Cultural
Program - National Cultures, Youth Art.

·                                 Day 5

Design Studio 4, Design Studio 5, Presentation Preparation.

·                                 Day 6

Presentation to City Board, Press Conference, Public Presentation,
Night Train to Kiev.

·                                 Day 7

Arrival Kiev, City tour, Departure*.

Extended stay in Kiev is optional.

http://www.stadslab.eu or through our Stadslab LinkedIn group http://www.linkedin.com

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