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Berlin - On Being A Global Normad?
Medium level photography class taught in English.
Instructor: Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Photocentrum at vhs Friedrichshain Kreuzberg
Start: 11 April 2016, weekly throughl 6 June 2016

VHS class FK2.138

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg infos and reservation:
Herr Peter Lattermann, Tel.: (030) 2219 5519,
Fax: (030) 2219 5522, E-Mail:

A photography class taught in English dealing
with portrait, representation and the question of
identity(ies). This class offers an introduction
to medium level photography. Working in a group
of photographers with different background and
knowledge can be very productive. We will be
working on how to develop ideas for shootings,
generate strategies for better composition, learn
to work in series and understand presentation as
part of the individual photographic process.
Critical discussion in class about contemporary
art as well as discussing the work of others and
a gallery visit are part of the course. The theme
of the class will center on cultural aspects of
identity while living in a multi-cultural
surrounding in Berlin and at the same time
possibly being digital immigrant or native. We
will explore different kinds of portrait and
self-portrait in combination with an exploration
of places or non-places in Berlin. Requirements:
Basic skills in digital photography shooting with
manual and auto-settings, editing and printing.
Interest in discussing cultural and art-related
concepts with people from different backgrounds.

richfilm productions, Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Osnabrücker Str. 25, D-10589 Berlin

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