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The Audiovisual Breakthrough at DokfestLounge Kasselâ¨

Book presentation with video examples â¨

by Cornelia Lund and Eva-Maria Offermannâ¨â¨


// Date: Thursday, November 12, 2015â¨

// Time: 9.30pmâ¨

// Venue: Weinkirche, Werner-Hilpert-StraÃe 22 | 34117 Kasselâ¨â¨

Visual music, expanded cinema, live cinema, VJing, live audiovisual performance
â concepts⨠enough to create some confusion in the wide realm of todayâs
artistic audiovisual production. This â¨is where The Audiovisual Breakthrough
comes in: the book is the result of a collaborative projectâ¨that brought
together six international researchers with the view to untangle the reigning confusion⨠regarding these terms. The event presents the book and its design;
the discursive concepts areâ¨introduced by rich video examples.

The Audiovisual Breakthroughâ¨Ana Carvalho, Cornelia Lund (eds.)â¨

Articles by Ana Carvalho, Eva Fischer, Cornelia Lund, Gabriel Menotti, Adeena
Mey, and a survey by Maria Pfeifferâ¨

Design by Eva-Maria Offermannâ¨

Berlin, 2015â¨

ISBN 978-3-00-051072-4â¨â¨

For more information on the book, its authors and to download the book as PDF:â¨http://www.ephemeral-expanded.net/audiovisualbreakthroughâ;¨â¨

If you are interested in the printed version of the book, please contact:â¨



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