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-->The Network on ISEA 2008 Singapore
-->SoundLAB and
-->Bareback serial DIScharge on FILE Sao Paulo

The Network, i.e. the abbreviation for
the experimental platform for art and new media -
created and directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
will be presented as a project on ISEA 2008 Singapore
International Symposion on Electronic Arts -
http://www.ISEA2008.org - 25 July -3 August 2008

FILE - Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil
http://www.file.org.br - 5-31 August 2008
will present
SoundLAB - sonic art project environments
Edition V - "Sound as a Tool for Storytelling"
Agricola de Cologne's video
Bareback - serial DIScharge

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netEX - networked experience
info (at) nmartproject.net

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