Von Richfilm Productions am 28. Juli 2016 um 18:26

Directors Lounge Screening:

Spatial Relations
Deborah Uhde and Melissa Faivre
Thursday, 28. July 2016
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Two young artists who recently moved to Berlin
present their experimental video work. On a first
view their work seems to be very similar as they
use associative techniques of montage and
editing, and both demand an active viewer who
positively combines and completes the offered
pictures to their own interpretation or, story.

This applies specifically to two of the films,
"The Space In Between" by Melissa Faivre and
"State of the Art of the State - a Dysfunctional
Machine" by Deborah Uhde. Both films seem to work
with loosely connected images, which do not
easily combine as a story and are brought
together by rhythmic editing and a poetic film
language. Both films deal with spacial relations,
with the space between people and objects,
between objects and exterior or interior space
and the space between camera and subject.

The film by Melissa Faivre shows two domestic
spaces and two people interacting in those
spaces, mostly using cameras. One of the spaces
has a large bed, a makeshift steel frame and two
windows, the other one lots of electronic
equipment. The reason for the interaction stays
obscure, it may just be a spacial exploration.
The gazes from and to the camera distorted by
analogue and digital means to reveal secrets
about the place or the people or about their
relation and it creates some suspense. The
interaction seems to follow some performative
rule. The viewer is not really asked to analyze
the fragments but to put together the pieces of
distorted and rhythmically edited information to
some visual-poetic experience.

Deborah Uhde's piece "State of the Art of the
State - a Dysfunctional Machine" seems to be made
of pieces of information about a space in a very
different way. Views of a science campus, the
"physikalisch-technische Bundesanstalt
Braunschweig", are being combined on a double
screen and edited in associative ways. The rhythm
of the pictures is slow and seems to follow the
pace of a documented research, the cataloguing
and search for art on the campus as the subtitles
state. However, we rarely get to see art, at
least no paintings or sculptures but strange
constellations of buildings, containers, rulers,
marks and construction signs, any of which could
be part of some art project but very unlikely is
so. The one object that looks very much like a
modernist sculpture, a steel object that combines
spheres and poles, apparently is an object for
measurement as the viewer is informed by
subtitles. Deborah's film thus combines spatial
views in a poetical and rhythmical way, but then
it seems, she rather asks the viewer to
critically engage and make their own distinctions
between aesthetic and utilitarian spatial use.

Both filmmakers present a number of very
different films, set between the documentary and
experimental forms. A program of very fresh new
experimental films from filmmakers living in
Berlin and coming from France/Netherlands and

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