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urban research
program 1:
places and locations - reality check

Monday, 13 February 20:00

Directors Lounge at Naherholung Sternchen
Berolinastraße 7
10178 Berlin / Mitte
(Ubhf- Schillingstraße
hinter Kino International / Rathaus Mitte)

This beautiful program comprises films, which
meditate on city impressions in rather leisurely
pace. Urban observations are always subjective,
especially if done with a camera. Also,
undertaking observations is only possible when
making a distinction. The observer, the camera is
always part of the situation. Never is it
possible to look from outside (the Hollywood
ideal of realism, the "God eye's view" is only
possible in fiction). Thus, the distinctions we
make are never clear cuts, the opposites spill
back in, and the dichotomies unite as the
complementary parts of the same idea.

Alejandro Bernal DE Zentralflughafen 14 min 38 2011

Caroline Koebel US Swoop 7 min 36 2011

Tobias Scheucher DE Verlassen den Hafen 8 min 34 2010

Wenhua Shi RC/US 10 Moments 5 min 23 2011

Deron Williams US We Want To Give You $40 Ask Us How 2 min 30 2010

Leslie Supnet CA Spectroscopy 2 min 41 2011

Joel Wanek US Heart of Durham 13 min 22 2011

Chris Kennedy CA Simultaneous Contrast 5 min 00 2008

Sarah Christman US Broad Channel 13 min 40 2010

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The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2012
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